Testimonials / Evidence

Before and After Photos


"I have been using the soap for 7 years in my daily shower, and haven't had any relapse in my disease.  My skin looks healthy.  No other medicine on the market did this and with the advantage of an accessible price"  Jose Licona, México (Founder of Dermabon Soap)
"It's cured in 90% and I am very happy after 20 years"  Juana Ramos López, México
"I have 4 months using Dermabon and right now I have 95% of recovery in the affected areas"  Edgar Chavez, México
"Personally I believe that it is very good and it has helped me a lot"  Gerardo Saucedo, México
"For me Dermabon has shown amazing results because in record time it has made my lesions decrease"  Pepe Rivera, México