Dermabon was created by Jose Licona, a mining engineer who suffered from psoriasis for over 45 years.  For much of the 45 years, he visited different types of specialists such as dermatologists, homeopaths, and naturalists.  He tried all of their recommendations, medicines, and remedies either in the form of topical ointments or oral medicines.  None of the remedies worked for long periods of time.  Usually after a period of time, 3 months or so, he experienced severe relapses typically worse than before he began their treatments.

He was determined to find a solution for his psoriasis.  For many years he studied psoriasis and experimented with various elements, substances, and chemical compounds both organic and inorganic looking for an alternative to heal or control it.

The culmination of this study was the creation of a soap which can be used daily to control psoriasis.

After 4 months of continuous use, Jose decided that he would place an ad in the local newspaper in Chihuahua, Mexico offering his soap to the public.  The first public user of the product was a 43 year old fruit engineer.  He had a thick psoriatic plaque on his abodomen area and after 15 days of use of the soap the lesion had practically disappeared. 

Before long, the soap had grown in popularity with information begin passed from one person to another and soon through the internet.  Sales and distribution has grown to include North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

With the soap becoming more popular, a distribution company, DemabonUSA, was started in the United States to handle the growing demand in the United States and Canada.

Dermabon is now available for widespread distribution to the public.